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FIC: Pain and Pleasure [Aug. 11th, 2006|07:10 pm]
First of all, I am not a good writer, and I am not really posting a story to improve. I am just posting for fun.
Second, this story contains D/s themes and D/D. It is in response to that icon of Kakashi spanking Sasuke made by lj://user/yoiko/ Also, there is explicit sex in this story. If any of this bothers you, or you are under 18, please don't read.

Title: Pain and Pleasure (I know, not very original, but I don't usually give my stories titles)
Author: ember (frostbat)
Pairing: Kakashi and Sasuke
Spoilers: None
Rating: R or X? Sex and domination stuff
Summary: Kakashi and Sasuke have an interesting relationship, based on D/s and D/D, I tried to make Kakashi in character, but don't know if it worked. And Sasuke, well, he is probably more off character.

Sasuke, waking up with a painful erection, found himself alone in the bed. He got up looking for Kakashi, and soon discovered that his teacher had left the apartment. He looked down at his straining hardness, as pictures of his sensei’s hands on his little body entered his mind. He recalled Kakashi telling him the evening before, that he had an assignment in the morning, and may not be back until three. Glancing at the wall clock told Sasuke it was only just half past noon.

He jumped in the shower and tried to will his erection away. He knew he was not to touch himself in that way unless he had explicit permission from his teacher. Sasuke ran his small hands along his lean body, soaping himself, trying not to think about how good it felt, and how great it would feel, if he allowed his hand to drift lower to the center of his arousal.

Kakashi is not here, he told himself.
Yes, but this is a firm rule, he argued back.
But he won’t know! he countered.

After his little internal argument, he was shocked to find that his own hand was wrapped around his cock, tugging gently. He did not remember putting it there, but after that first forbidden touch, his cock strained out even further, silently begging the small hand to continue its action.

Sasuke couldn’t stop, the thought of waiting until three to have his release was just not something he thought he could handle. Besides, Kakashi would never know.


Kakashi hummed as he walked up the steps to his apartment. He had gone to Iruka’s house to help design a new academy training protocol. They finished far earlier than he had expected.

He smiled under his mask as he thought of the young, pale boy who was mostly likely, still fast asleep in their bed. His smile widened as he allowed his mind to expand on the perverted ways he would wake his student up. The anticipation of wrapping his mouth around Sasuke’s sleeping cock and sucking vigorously as the boy woke up, brought a slight swelling to his own cock. He just loved the half-asleep moans Sasuke made when he was being woken with pleasure.

He entered the door and headed towards the bedroom, but stopped as he heard the shower running. Damn, he is already awake. Well, I haven’t fucked him in the shower in a while, that will be just as fun, Kakashi thought.

He pulled off his mask and approached the bathroom quietly. He loved to watch his naked, wet student when he knew the boy was oblivious to the eyes roaming his small body.

Just as he came around the corner, he heard the boy’s muffled groan. He stopped dead in the doorway, shocked to see his student standing there, head back, eyes closed, and small hand rubbing his erection. He couldn’t argue; it was a beautiful sight. But, Sasuke knew the rules, and Kakashi was very strict about them being followed. Instead of interrupting the erotic display, he watched quietly as the boy cried out, a stream of creamy fluid erupting from the head of his cock.

Hard as a rock, Kakashi silently retreated into the kitchen to make some lunch. He wanted to see how his student reacted to the knowledge that he had been here during the boy’s disobedience.

Five minutes later, sandwiches made and being carried to the table, Kakashi heard his student enter the kitchen. Sasuke, wearing shorts and a T-shirt, stopped dead when he saw that Kakashi was home. Kakashi tried to look him straight in the eyes to see if he saw guilt, and wasn’t surprised when Sasuke flushed red and dropped his gaze immediately, mumbling a hello to his sensei.

Deciding to let him squirm a bit, Kakashi made idle talk, asking Sasuke how long he had been up.

“Not long,” was the mumbled answer. Sasuke’s eyes were glued to his sandwich. He knew he was busted. But his pride forced him to keep quiet about it until forced to confess.

“How was your shower?” Kakashi asked pointedly.

“Fine,” Sasuke’s murmured between small bites of the turkey sandwich.

“Is there something you want to tell me Sasuke?”

Gulp. “No sir.”

Stubborn boy, thought Kakashi. “Oh, but you do. Do you think maybe you should go stand in the corner and think about what it is you ‘don’t’ have to tell me?”

“Fine!” Sasuke said rudely, all but yelling.

Kakashi smiled to himself. He had to admit, Sasuke’s stubbornness made their relationship so much more exciting.

He glanced over to Sasuke; seeing the boy with his nose in the corner brought a swelling to his cock. This will be a fun afternoon, thought Kakashi.


After corner time 'to think about the naughty act,' Kakashi pulls out a chair, calling his student to him. Approaching, Sasuke closes his eyes, trying to keep his tears in check. He feels his sensei’s fingers hook into his waistband, pulling down his shorts. He is then lifted and laid across Kakashi lap, with his little bare feet hardly touching the ground. Tears started to pour out as Sasuke feels Kakashi’s hand rest on his bare ass. This was the worst part. The part where Kakashi always made him confess.

“So Sasuke, what is this spanking for?”

The stubborn boy just sniffled, trying not to audibly cry.

“Sasuke, I know your pride is important to you, but you also know that the longer you delay, the worse off you will be,” Kakashi calmly told him. Thirty seconds passed.

“For touching myself without your permission,” Sasuke finally murmured.

“Right,” Kakashi replied with a smile on his face. He just loved how beautifully his student submitted to him.


After the spanking, Sasuke is ordered to stand in the corner for another half hour, with his red-hot cheeks on display.

At this point, Kakashi is beyond turned on. He lightly runs his hands over the front of his pants stifling a groan. Knowing Sasuke would glance his way, Kakashi walks close by him, allowing the naughty boy to get a glimpse of the thick bulge in the front of his pants.

This will be fun indeed, thought Kakashi.

With corner time over, Kakashi sends his student into the room, after ordering him to put on the outfit lying on the bed. With NO underwear.

A dress. Sasuke scowls. He HATES it when Kakashi forces him to wear a dress, it is so humiliating. But, not wanting to endure more punishment, Sasuke puts on the light blue dress, which is more like a shirt because it barely covers his ass, and walks out to the front room with his head bowed in submission

Kakashi orders, “Sasuke, go get me a beer from the fridge.” He knows that delaying the upcoming pleasure just excites them both even more.

While Kakashi drinks his beer, he idlely slides his hand up Sasuke’s leg to caress the burning cheeks, and the crack between them. The boy stifles a moan from mild pain and embarrassment. He is deeply aroused from humiliation and by his teachers gentle, exploring hand. Despite the boy’s obvious arousal, Kakashi continues to NOT touch in all the places the boy wants to be touched. Kakashi loves this game. He is quite horny too, but has much more self control than his naughty boy does.

Soon, Sasuke is whimpering in need and his legs tremble from his effort to stand still. Kakashi takes pity on the boy, gets up, and leads Sasuke into the bedroom. The teacher lies down on the bed, and opens the front of his pants, sighing in relief as his large cock springs free. Sasuke, aroused to the point of discomfort, lets out a moan and looks at Kakashi’s cock with equal parts fear and desire. Fear, because the boy knows how bad it hurts to have that huge, thick cock up his ass, and Desire, because despite all of the pain, Kakashi makes it good for him and, lets Sasuke come......or more appropriately, 'Usually' lets Sasuke come.

"Get up here, straddle my chest and suck my cock. I have been dying to lick that tiny asshole of yours all day," Kakashi says in his normal, lazy tone of voice. But Sasuke knows not to underestimate that voice. Behind the seemingly lax tone, is a true command which must be followed.

The little student climbs up onto the huge bed and lifts a leg over his teacher’s chest. His red butt is quite visible because the dress is so short that in this position, it is riding high up around Sasuke’s waist. Sasuke knows his face is as red as his ass. Kakashi licks the winking hole and Sasuke moans, and has not yet started to suck the swollen cock directly in front of his face. Kakashi ruthlessly slaps the exposed ass cheeks which Sasuke knows is as good as Kakashi saying “Start sucking now or you will not get to come for a week!”

His ass, having been thoroughly spanked earlier that day, and the day before, for that matter, (and maybe even the day before that!) is quite sore, and tears run out of Sasuke’s eyes as he lowers his mouth onto Kakashi’s aroused cock.

Kakashi grabs a pillow and slips it under his own head so he can reach the ass hole of his student, without having to hold his head up, because the boy is so much smaller than he is. Despite Sasuke’s skill at cock-sucking, Kakashi does not want to end the event in the boy’s mouth. He stops licking the ass hole on front of him and slaps the cheeks again, drawing a moan of pain from the small mouth on his cock.

"Ok, get up. I want this tight muscle I have been licking wrapped around my cock," he lazily demands.

Sasuke gets up slowly, held entranced by the feeling of his own erection rubbing against his teacher’s chest, and not wanting to stop the delightful friction.

"Now!" Kakashi raises his voice and gives Sasuke one more slap.

Sasuke jumps up and hands his teacher the tube of lubricant from the bedside table with a pleading look on his face. He knows that Kakashi would never take him without any lube, but also knows that sometimes Kakashi is in the mood to hear and see his student’s cries and tears of pain, so chooses NOT to relax the tight asshole muscle with his fingers before slowly sinking his thick cock into it. Sasuke hopes that the pleading look works and that Kakashi relaxes him first.

He stares at Sasuke for a minute, debating on how he wants to take his student this afternoon.

Before Kakashi decides, he reaches forward and removes the dress from his naughty student and then, pulls off his own clothes.

Kakashi finally decides that tonight he is particularly susceptible to that adorable pout. He pours generous amounts of lube onto his fingers and tells Sasuke to lie across his lap, much like the position in which the awful spankings are given. Using his right hand, Kakashi slowly stretches and relaxes the muscle, one finger at a time. Finally, when he has been using three fingers, he stops. Three fingers will make it a little easier on the boy, but is nothing compared to his cock, so Sasuke will still have to endure some pain. This brings a smirk to Kakashi’s face, as he eagerly lifts the boy off his lap and scoots back on the bed, resting with his back slightly elevated by the pillows.

"Come here Sasuke, climb up on my lap. I’ll let you run things for a few minutes, to get you a little more relaxed." Sasuke climbs up, and slowly, oh-so-slowly, lowers himself onto the thick cock. Tears of pleasure and pain fall from his eyes as his little asshole is stretched wide. After a few minutes of slow delicious torture to the horny teacher, Kakashi places his hands under Sasuke’s arms and pulls the boy off his cock and lays the boy down on his back. Kakashi kneels and lifts up Sasuke’s legs, placing them on his broad, well-muscled shoulders. This puts Sasuke’s upper back and head on the mattress, but his ass and lower back elevated and resting on Kakashi’s solid thighs. Kakashi enters Sasuke with one quick thrust, bringing more tears and a shout of pain from the boy.

But soon, very soon, Kakashi finds that special spot inside his student, and angles his cock towards it with each thrust. Sasuke imagines the electric pleasure of that secret spot to look much like when Kakashi uses the Lightning Blade. Jagged streams of pleasure, or charka, bursting forth from a centered location. The imagery slips Sasuke’s mind as he tries to conceal cries of pleasure/pain as his teacher pounds away at his young, tight asshole.

The teacher decides his young student has had enough torture for the day and commands with a ragged whisper, "You may come, Sasuke." Kakashi grabs hold of the boy’s dripping erection and tugs on it vigorously, in time with his thrusts, until Sasuke is moaning and gasping as the huge climax takes over, spilling slippery come all over his hand. Kakashi can't help being sent over the edge when the boy gets lost in the pleasure brought on by Kakashi’s own hands and cock. Filling the boy with his seed, he pants with exertion and finally pulls out. Sasuke is already nearly asleep. "Poor little thing, you’ve had such an exhausting day, haven’t you?" Kakashi says quietly as he pulls the dozing boy close, spooning against his student’s back. “Good night,” Kakashi whispers to the silence surrounding their afternoon nap.

Before falling asleep, thoughts of the training day he had planned enter Kakashi’s mind. Poor thing has been fucked into exhaustion. Maybe I should go easy today and tomorrow, he thinks.

Deciding to leave the decision for later, Kakashi fell asleep with his hands wrapped possessively around his sleeping student.

The End
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(no subject) [Aug. 11th, 2006|06:51 pm]
This is just a test to see if I have figured it out.
I am want to enter my story on my page, and put a link to it on the copycock community.
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